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IMVU Online Account Login Overview

IMVU invites its members to log in to their IMVU account online and gain full access to the features and services available to them. By logging in, they will be able to use their 3D avatars to meet people, chat, create content and play games. The site can be accessed from any computer or mobile device connected to the internet 24/7. In this article, we will discuss the IMVU Login process in detail.

About IMVU

IMVU is an online metaverse and social networking site that has its own economy with a currency system of IMVU ‘credits’ and ‘promo-credits’. Credits can be purchased by real currency directly from MVC. And the members can use the credits to buy virtual items and 3D scenes such as clothes, hair, accessories, pets, home, furniture, places, etc.

The company was founded in 2004 and the name IMVU is not an acronym. The founders stated that the name was created accidentally and it does not stand for anything. Currently, the site has the largest virtual good catalogs and many users create and sell products in the IMVU catalog. There are also various third-party websites providing additional forums and resources.

How to Log In to IMVU Online Account

In order to access IMVU features and tools, the users must log in to their IMVU Account. Here is a short guide provided for the IMVU users to complete the IMVU Login in process right way.

  • Visit
  • Click the “LOG IN” link next to ‘Have an account’ at the top right corner of the webpage.

 IMVU account login


  • Enter the username or email and password of your MVC Account in their specific fields on the ‘LOG IN TO IMVU’ box that appeared on the screen.


IMVU login


How to Reset IMVU Login Password

Alternatively, you can continue the login process with your Facebook account. The required link is posted in the middle of the login box.


The IMVU members who do not remember their account login credentials need to click the “Forgot Username or Password?”

Forgot Password IMVU Next

the link below the entry of the login area and submit the Email Address used to create their IMVU Account. An email with a password resetting link along with the necessary instructions will be sent to you.

How to Create an IMVU Online Account

If you are not an IMVU user, you can sign up for IMVU for free and join millions of people around the world. To initiate the IMVU user registration and create a free IMVU online account, you can follow the guide provided below.

  • For IMVU Login first, visit
  • Click the orange “GET STARTED FOR FREE” button that can be found at the bottom side of the page.

IMVU account creation

  • Select your gender from male and female


  • Choose and customize your skin, and clothing
  • Now create your IMVU account by entering your Name, Email Address and setting a password with a combination of at least numbers, letters, and punctuation marks.
  • Enter your date of birth. It is recommended to use your real age to get the best experience. After the account is created you can choose if the age is shown on your account or not.

IMVU Creat login


  • Click the “Create Account” button when you are done.


IMVU Login Account Features & Services

The registered IMVU members can do a lot of things by accessing their IMVU Account online. With the IMVU free features, you can do the following activities

  • Chat and download the 3D chat software
  • Get a customizable avatar
  • Access your own customizable homepage
  • Get a basic starter kit including a room, furniture, and clothing
  • Visit public rooms and join Groups
  • Set up your own Group
  • Earn credits, both real and promotional credits that let you buy IMVU virtual goods catalog using partner offers, contest, and more

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Additional Paid Features For IMVU Account

While most of the features and tools are entirely free to download and use in IMVU, there are some more advanced customization and services that the paying IMVU member users can enjoy by purchasing. The additional benefits offer the users

  • Purchase their names to remove the ‘Guest’ tag from their IMVU account
  • Purchase the Access Pass to interact with other adults and access content available to them
  • Become able to set your public room or group and restrict your homepage to AP only
  • Access AP only animations in the IMVU Chat Software
  • Buy AP products; join AP-only chats and groups
  • Become VIP Club members to receive ad-free experience (excludingIMVU ads), expedited customer service like VIP Live Chat and VIP tickets, create up to 10 public rooms and 10 groups, create unlimited photo albums, etc.
  • Get 5,000 credits per month and additional monthly bonus credits for remaining VIP
  • Discounts on all purchases from the IMVU Virtual Goods Catalog and on badge fees
  • VIP animations in the Chat software as well as ability to block the animation in it and lots more

Contact Information

To contact IMVU for support, you must log into your account in IMVU.  You can also go to the IMVU Help Center through the link provided on the login page and search for your questions or check the help articles.

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