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How to Activate Netspend DeepBlue Debit Mastercard:

The Netspend DeepBlue Debit Card provides all the benefits of a bank with no credit check or minimum balance requirements. With the Direct Deposit, you will get your tax refund faster. The banking services are provided by the Republic Bank & Trust Company, Member FDIC. You can use the DeepBlue Debit Card anywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted.

How to Activate the Netspend DeepBlue Debit Mastercard:

If you have a Netspend DeepBlue Debit Mastercard, then you have to activate your card. You can easily activate your debit Mastercard by following these simple instructions below:

  • Firstly, you need to go to this link www.deepbluedebit.com/activate.
  • Then, on the given spaces, you have to provide your card number and security code.
  • After entering the required details in the given spaces, simply click on the Continue button.


netspend deepblue card activation


  • Then, you can simply follow the on-screen guideline to activate your Netspend DeepBlue Debit Card.

Features of Netspend DeepBlue Debit Mastercard:

These are the following features that you will get with your Netspend DeepBlue Debit Mastercard:

  • You will get your tax refund, paycheck, or government benefits earlier with the Direct Deposit.
  • With the qualified purchases with the paycheck rewards, you will get to earn cashback offers.
  • They also let you enroll in the optional debit card overdraft services.
  • You can also enroll in anytime alerts and then receive a text after each transaction.

How to Apply for Netspend DeepBlue Debit Mastercard:

If you are a new user and don’t have a Netspend DeepBlue Debit Mastercard, then follow these simple instructions below:

  • You have to click on this link www.deepbluedebit.com.
  • Then, you need to click on the Open a New Account option.


netspend deepblue card sign up


  • You have to provide your personal information, such as name, address, zip code, email, etc.
  • Then, you have to enter the verification details, such as the date of birth and social security number.
  • After entering all the necessary details on the given fields, select the Sign Up option.
  • Then, you can simply follow the on-screen guideline to open the DeepBlue Debit Mastercard account.


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How to Access the Netspend DeepBlue Debit Mastercard Account:

You can easily manage your Netspend DeepBlue Debit Mastercard by login into your account. You have to follow these simple instructions below to access your Netspend Debit Card online account:

  • Firstly, you need to click on this link www.deepbluedebit.com.
  • As you landed on the homepage, you will get to see the login section.
  • Then, simply input your registered username and password in the given spaces.
  • After providing your login credentials on the given fields, you have to click on the login button.


netspend deepblue card login


  • If you have entered the right login credentials, then you will be logged in to your Netspend DeepBlue Debit Mastercard account.

Find Your Nearest Netspend DeepBlue Mastercard Reload Locations:

You can visit any of your nearest Netspend DeepBlue reload locations to reload your card.

Contact Info:

For any queries about the Netspend DeepBlue Debit Mastercard, you can contact the customer service department.

Call At:


FAX: (866) 358-0526

M-F 8AM-10PM Central

Sat. & Sun. 8AM-8PM Central

Mail At:


PO Box 2136

Austin, TX 78768-2136

Reference Link:





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