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Apply for Sofi Personal Loan with Invitation Code:

Social Finance is also known as the Sofi, which is a fintech company. This company was formed in 2011 by a student at Stanford Business School. The headquarter is located in San Francisco. Initially, they started by providing student loans, but currently, they added other products and services, including mortgages, personal loans, and crypto trading. They went public in 2021 and now have over 2,500,000 members.

Types of Personal Loans Offered by Sofi:

Sofi provides personal loans for several purchases with some variation in terms depending on your intended use. You can use your personal loan for credit card consolidation, family planning, weddings, home improvement, and more. However, you cannot use it as a student loan.

These are the things that you can expect with the Sofi personal loan:

  • Fixed Rates
  • Unsecured loans only
  • Co borrowing is allowed
  • Co-signers are not allowed

In addition to the personal loan, they also provide a number of loan products, including undergraduate and graduate student loans, mortgage, and parent student loans.

How to Apply for Sofi Personal Loan with Invitation Code:

It is quite easy to apply for the Sofi Personal Loan with the invitation code. If you have received the invitation code, then you have to follow these easy instructions below:

  • Firstly, you have to click on this link www.sofi.com/improvemyhome.
  • You need to input your confirmation and zip code on the given fields.
  • After entering the required details, you have to select the View My Rate option.


sofi personal loan apply


  • Then, you can simply follow the on-screen guideline to apply for Sofi personal loan.

Time to Receive the Funds:

Sometimes, the Sofi loan approval process can be lengthy. For example, if you want to apply with a co-applicant, then you have to wait up to two weeks for approval.

Once you approved the Sofi loan, it will take likely receive the funds as soon as the next business day. However, it may take a few business days to get the fund.

The loan funds are disbursed through ACH to the bank account that was verified during your application process.

Features of Sofi Personal Loan:

Multiple Loans are Allowed:

Eligible borrowers can take more than one Sofi personal loan at a time. One of the eligibility requirements includes the last three payments made on time. If you take a second loan of a different type, then you may get a discount of 0.125% interest.

Unemployment Protection:

If you have lost your job and need help, then the Sofi could modify your monthly loan payment, offer forbearance, and even assist you with job placement.

Member Benefits:

Once your lake out a loan or set up your online account, you will be a Sofi member. As a member, you will get many benefits, including financial planning, discounted estate planning, and free one-on-one career coaching. These benefits are depending on which products you are using.

Can You Refinance Your Personal Loan with Sofi?

Yes, you can easily refinance your Sofi personal loan. But you should know that the co-borrowers are not eligible to refinance. You must have to meet the following requirements to qualify for the refinance on your Sofi personal loan:

  • If you have an existing Sofi loan, then make sure that you must be in good standing
  • Make sure that your last three consecutive payments were made on time
  • You must meet the eligibility criteria for Sofi personal loans

Sofi also provides student loan refinancing, including for medical resident student loans, but this option is only available for graduates from TITLE IV schools.

How to Make the Payment for Sofi Personal Loan:

The easiest way to make the payment for your Sofi Personal Loan is by login into your account. You just have to follow these simple instructions below to pay for your loan:

  • Firstly, you need to click on this link www.sofi.com/login.
  • You have to input your email address and password on the given fields.
  • After entering your login credentials on the given fields, then select the Log In button.


sofi personal loan login


  • Once you logged in to your Sofi account, you can easily pay for your personal loan.


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Sofi Contact Info:

For any queries about the Sofi personal loan, then you contact with the customer service department.

Call At: (855) 456-SOFI (7634).

Customer Service Hours:

Monday–Thursday 5 am–7 pm PT

Friday–Sunday 5 am–5 pm PT

Reference Link:





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