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Ultra SIM Card Activation :

Just purchased an Ultra SIM Card? If the answer is yes then you can activate your SIM Card at the website of Ultra Mobile. Once your mobile is activated you will be able to gain access to a broad array of features associated with your Ultra Mobile account.

The SIM Card is available in two different colours namely Orange and Purple. At the activation website, you will be provided with the option to select and activate any Ultra plan for your mobile.  Read the post below for step by step information on the activation procedure. You can also find other information related to the Ultra SIM Card.

Ultra Mobile Overview  :

Ultra Mobile is an American mobile virtual network company. It is operational since the year 2011 and is headquartered in Costa, Mesa California. Ultra Mobile provides cellular network services throughout the United States.

It offers prepaid plans on unlocked phones. If you have an Ultra Mobile SIM card you can activate it for unlimited calling and text plans. Activation is available for both Purple as well as Orange card.

How to Activate Ultra SIM :

  • In order to activate your Ultra SIM open the Ultra Mobile activation website. www.ultra.me/orange
  • As the webpage opens there is a section labelled ‘Activate your Ultra Mobile SIM’.
  • Now there will be two options below that reads ‘Purple SIM’ and ‘Orange SIM’.

Ultra Mobile Activation

  • Select the one that applies to you and you will be directed to a new screen.
  • Enter the 19 digit ICCID number found at the back of your card in the blank space below.
  • Click on the button tagged ‘Start or Resume your Activation’.
  • You will be taken further to the next page.
  • Enter the details required and follow the prompts to complete the procedure.

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 Ultra Mobile Login :

  • Users who are willing to sign into their account must open the Ultra Mobile Login page. my.ultramobile.com
  • As the webpage opens there is a login section at the centre.
  • Provide the username or phone number in the blank space at the top.
  • Next enter the password in the box below.
  • Click on the ‘Sign In’ button and you will be directed to the account management console.

How to Sign Up :

To set up a new Ultra Mobile account one needs to get a password or sign up. You can set up your account at the website of the mobile network provider. Read the steps for signing up at Ultra Mobile.

  • Open the Ultra Mobile Login homepage. my.ultramobile.com
  • Look at the centre and you will find a login section.
  • Just below it, there is a button tagged ‘SMS a password to my device’.
  • Enter the phone number associated with your account in the blank space there.
  • Click the ‘Send Password’ button below and you will be able to set up an account.

Conclusion :

At the end of the conversation we hope you have activated your Ultra SIM Card with ease. Once you have gone through the procedure you will be able to get started with using your SIM. For assistance one can connect with the Ultra SIM customer service by calling on 1-888-777-0446. You can also call 611 from your Ultra Mobile phone.

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