4 Ways to Prepare for a Career While You are in College

CAREER1In a research study this year, IBM set out to uncover what’s wrong with higher education. In collaboration with the Economist Intelligence Unit, the IBM Institute for Business Value surveyed more than 900 academic industry leaders from private and public colleges and universities, vocational programs, community colleges, education service providers and corporations throughout the world.

The survey revealed concerns regarding the higher education system’s abilities to address consumer requirements. Less than half of respondents believe the system meets the needs of students (49 percent), industry (41 percent) and society (47 percent).

Why? As job preparedness studies indicate, the very skills needed for workforce success are the same skills exiting students often lack, including analysis and problem-solving; collaboration and team work; business-context communication; and flexibility, agility and adaptability. IBM reported that 70 percent of corporate recruiters experience challenges finding college-aged applicants with sufficient practical experience.

In terms of economic value, only 51 percent of industry and academic leaders believe higher education is providing value for money, and just 49 percent view it as contributing to economic growth and competitiveness.

How to Avoid Holiday Burnout in the Office and at Home

Out of office

Out of office

Now that we’ve made it past Halloween, the busy, often dreaded holiday season is ahead. While it’s supposed to be a celebration of joy, peace and what we are thankful for, it is typically the opposite. There are many reasons: You likely have year-end work tasks looming and mandatory office holiday parties. Prepping for the holidays takes a huge amount of energy, and spending inordinate amounts of time with extended family often makes people feel anxious.

How can you make the holiday season at home and work a time of rejuvenation instead of exhaustion? There are small changes you can make to be more aware of your state of mind and turn those negative holiday pressures into more positive endeavors.

Decide that there is more to life than being busy. How much do you dislike when you ask someone, “How have you been?” and their response is always: “Busy!” Don’t compete in the game of who has the busiest life. Wouldn’t it be great to hear and say, “Great! Enjoying [fill in the blank].” Typically you hear

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5 Powerful Ways to Build a Successful Career Before You Turn 30

careers_2At just 28 years of age, Varun Mehta has already held key positions at Boston Scientific and Johnson & Johnson. Today he is a VP at the Clutch Group–leading the company’s financial services practice.

If you ask him the secrets of building a wildly successfully career before the age of 30, Mehta will first tell you that you shouldn’t try to copy what others have done–you already have the answers within you. “There is no secret formula, no blueprint to success in business,” he says. “To try to mimic one is to lose before you even get in the game. The idea that you can recreate success is a myth.”

According to Mehta, there are five strategies anyone can use to build a successful career before hitting the big 3-0. And they just happen to be great advice for people at any age.

1. Innovate

Instead of waiting for change to find you, continuously innovate in your job to stay ahead of it. Take the initiative to come up with ideas for doing things better–and then have the courage to advance and implement them. Says Mehta, “Experience isn’t required for innovation. Thinking

Find Diverse Jobs from Best Diversity Employers

Are you looking for a job or a site to post a job? If you are, visiting Diversity.com can be a good idea to take. Diversiti.com features job postings from several best diversity employers across huge variety of industries including education, manufacturing, finance, non-profit, technology, healthcare and marketing. Here, diverse jobs are waiting for any candidate seeking for customer service jobs until high position level like executive. Furthermore, unlike mainstream sites outside, Diversity.com offers closer proximity to eligible candidates.

Nowadays, companies that show their commitment in embracing diversity will be able to attract better candidates than other who do not. We can deny that maintaining diversity workforce will show that an organization has high ethics standard which has been such crucial component for your business’ reputation within or outside the company. Workplace diversity itself refers to business place in which employs man and woman from multiple sexual orientations, gender identities, races, ethnicities, religious affiliations and age groups.

Diversity.com itself is a family owned business based in Atlanta, Georgia. It provides space for any diversity employer to find highly competitive candidates for job of any position especially the one which focuses on searching for talent in the field of technology, science, medical

Different Opportunities in the Trucking Industry

When you finally decide to choose your career, a job in the trucking industry may be the best thing for you. Whether you’ve taken classes or simply had an interest in some of the things that are associated with trucking, it’s an easy and fun way to jumpstart your career, especially if you’re unfamiliar with all of the possibilities that truck drivers have.

Owner Operators

One of the most common opportunities for truck drivers is becoming an owner operator. This is possible only after you have gained some experience driving truck on the road, so it’s important to get started in your field as soon as possible.

Becoming an owner operator takes time, focus and dedication, because when it comes down to it, you are becoming your own ‘business’ and running the show entirely on your own, instead of at the hands of another business. These operators can work with trucking companies to help pay for some of the equipment, gas and more.


Gaining experience driving a truck can be fun, but for some people, they may want something a little different. Thankfully, they can still enjoy driving in another way. If you’re not quite ready for something like transportation logistics, but you want

Find the Best Person and the Best Position

As the appearance of two side of coin, there always exist two perceptions about one thing. This phenomenon is the nature of living world, there are good and evil, flawlessly beautiful and ugly, fast and slow. One side can be so different from other side, usually one perception is less famous than other perception. In the history of drama there are antagonist and protagonist. Most people see that the protagonist is more popular but it doesn’t mean that the antagonist does not exist, it just only a problem of popularity. Most people believe that they have to work to life, but others believe that they can be an entrepreneur as their way of life.

Entrepreneurs run their business under the hand of worker. One of the most important things in business world is to find the best person and put them in the best position. It is always challenging to find a good partner in the journey to achieve a goal. There are several concepts that help people to choose the best people for their purpose, just as hard as applying in job vacancy. Many sites in the internet give suggestion about this case, the easy way

How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Would you rather make a public presentation orlive through a season of “The Walking Dead”?If you chose “The Walking Dead,” you aren’t alone. Glossophobia, the fear of public speaking, is a common social phobia. At some point, however, you’re probably going to have to speak in front of people, so don’t let your fears get the best of you. Consider the following:

Feeling nervous comes with the territory. “The trick to overcoming nerves is knowing that you’re in control,” according to an article by Toastmasters International. The article continues: “Before conquering his fear, billionaire investor Warren Buffett said he used to throw up before giving a presentation. Buffett practiced presenting in front of small groups until he became more comfortable and is now one of the most coveted speakers in the world.”

Good speakers are not all born that way. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have good public-speaking DNA. Improving your presentation skills only requires some practice. Stand in front of a mirror, or video record yourself delivering the presentation. As difficult as this can be, it is far better to practice your presentation and identify potential idiosyncrasies rather than making them in the front of the room. Watch your facial

The 4 Most Difficult Conversations You will Have in Your Career

One of the most stressful parts of work life is figuring out how to say something tough, unpleasant or awkward to a colleague. Most of us aren’t fond of difficult conversations in any setting, but doing it at work can be doubly challenging, because we fear for our professional reputations and relationships.

Here are four of the most difficult conversations you may need to have in your career and the secrets to making them go smoothly.

1. “I’m quitting.” This one might sound easy, and many people fantasize about the day they walk out of a bad job or a poorly managed workplace. But when it comes down to actually doing it, those same people often find it surprisingly hard to let their bosses know that they’re leaving. People often feel regret about leaving something familiar, even when they weren’t that happy there, and it can be tougher than expected to say the words “I’m quitting.” That’s especially true when you did like the job and your manager and are moving on for reasons that have little to do with them.

How to approach it: The key to resigning gracefully is to keep it short and direct. For example: “I’ve really appreciated my

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